A Beatle Returns to his New York roots as he performs at Citi Field!

The most successful and entertaining song writer on this planet never ceases to amaze his audience with an energy and performance like no other!  At 67 years old, Sir Paul Mccartney wowed the audience at tonight’s second round in a string of 3 sold out performances at the newly constructed Citi Field in downtown Flushing, Queens.  This was truly a magical evening as Sir Paul celebrated a selection of close to 50 years of the world’s most cherished and beloved songs.  Playing the first ever live concert in an outdoor arena of this magnitude over 40 years ago at the legendary Shea Stadium, Paul Mccartney couldn’t resist opening the newly constructed Citi Field with another trip down the Liverpool highway of music!  We couldn’t stop dancing and singing, he’s an amazing showman, the audience ranged in age from just a year old little boy singing and hopping behind us to those attending in their 70’s and 80’s!  dancing their hearts out in the rows around us!  Close to 3 hours of music that included such masterpiece standards as Yesterday, Blackbird and a heart wrenching choked up version of Here Today dedicated to the late John Lennon, to the high energy charged up anthem of Live and Let Die complete with Pyrotechnics and Fireworks, and newly composed selections such as Sing the Changes from Mccartney’s pseduo The Fireman production, we couldn’t get enough of our favorite all time singer and composer.  This was the fastest 3 hour performance we’ve ever experienced, if only we could’ve experienced yet another 3 hours of the most melodic selections of all time!  Thank you Sir Paul Mccartney for paying a visit to your always receptive audience here in the Big Apple, we welcome yet another return to your roots here in the states!!!

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